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Maze is situated in the southern part of Hida area , Gifu Prefecture, close to renowned resorts like Gero (one of the top 3 spas in Japan), Takayama (little Kyoto), and Shirakawa-go (UNESCO world heritage site of traditionally straw-thatched roof houses).
Gifu is situated at central Japan
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Maze (population 1,500) is a mountain village, at 500m high, long 25km from North to South, and wide 4km East to West. Our particularity is the Maze river, famous for Ayu (sweetfish unique in East Asia) and other stream fish. They are the kinds of fish you can find only in clear mountain waters.Plecoglossus altivelis


Mountains surrounding the Maze river need to be in good shape for fishing. We have luckily kept away from rapid industrialization that changed the whole landscape in other parts of Japan.

Thus, old, wooden houses remain as before. For example, small shrines closely related to each hamlet, to which city dwellers pay little attention, are still well maintained, and play important roles in villagers' daily life. Work on the fields does not start before sunrise, and finishes before sunset. Late autumn harvests stay below the snow cover, a natural refregirator for vegetables. Local fishermen are on the river at 5am, and can start working in offices at 8am. You hear chain-saw machines instead of BMX motorcycles. There are no traffic lights. You feel like a time traveller!

When you come to visit us, you will find these scenes of "good old days". Though not a big and fast and efficient resort, we have something which appeals to people looking for memories.


We can propose

- Fishing Ayu and other mountain trout,
- Miki-no-Sato resort hotel and spa, with 15 different types of baths,
- Miki-no-Yu outdoor bath next to the river in a natural setting,
- Fishing center which is an information center for fishing, you can rent fishing equipement, get info on fishing, enjoy a BBQ, let your children catch mountain trout by"hand", and have your first experience of the sweetfish fishing, using an Ayu as a live decoy (duing July thru August, you can come empty hands to experience this traditional fishing method).

We have a special womens'
Fishing tutuion.

Public bath right
next to the river!

one of our camp sites
- Restaurants preparing "Slow Food", contrary to what you have in cities, with selected local ingredients,
- Several fresh vegetable booths along the road, direct from farmers
- 5 camp sites, most of them very close to the river, and
- Traditional family inns (Minshuku) for real famiy cuisine in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.


inexpensive, safe,
and healthy

" minshuku" with
traditional architecture

Site Manager


Minami-hida Mazegawa Tourist Office
Office du Tourisme Minami-hida Mazegawa

406 Namaru, Gero-city Maze, Gifu Prefecture, 509-2612 Japan
TEL & FAX (+81)0576-47-2333